2005 A House in the Mango field | Housing Proposal, Nakorn-Phathom Province

The house located at the mango field: we thought there is a coherent situation between house and the field in the terms of statement by man made environment. The mango field was planted in the grid system in reason of farming management. In this proposal, we try to merge the grid system of house into the grid of the mango field. The house seems to be the extension space and melt into the field.

Site Location  20050527-2005 Housing_Nakorn-Phathom 08_Fotor_Collage

Conceptual Design  & Case Study




20050625-concept of space_Fotor_Collage 1

Reference: Landscape defining surroundings

20050625-concept of space_Fotor_Collage

Mass Study – Floating Roof

20050706-2005 A House in the Mango field (10)
2005 A House in the Mango field (22)2005 A House in the Mango field (23)